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Anyone who has been arrested for committing a crime will definitely be needing help of a criminal defense lawyer. If don't want to spend your life in jail, you probably need to find one soon.

The Cost

Sometimes like when selecting a plumber or locksmith, you can afford to select a service with the lowest prices. Lawyers who ask lower fees, however, are often inexperienced or perform poorly with similar cases. Expensive lawyers, however, might ask prices

The License

The State Bar of California certifies certain lawyers as Criminal Law Specialists. Ask if your attorney has such a license, which is a good sign the attorney is skilled at criminal cases.

The Contact

Ask your lawyer how to reach them and how often they will be available. As your case continues and updates occur in your case, it is increasingly important to have the ability to easily communicate with your lawyer.

The Practice

Ask your lawyer how much of the lawyer’s practice is dedicated to criminal defense. A lawyer who practices criminal defense rarely is not good enough for your case. A good measure is if your attorney devotes 50% of his/her practice

The Expertise

You should ask how long the attorney has practiced criminal law and what type of expertise the attorney has handling similar cases. The outcome of your case is too important to select a lawyer who lacks the requisite expertise in

The Knowledge

Make sure your attorney is local to the area and familiar with local law enforcement, judges, and attorneys, which can provide your attorney with knowledge about how to handle your case.

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney?

There are numerous questions to ask a criminal defense attorney when you are deciding on whether to hire the attorney’s services. These questions will help you determine whether the attorney has the requisite skills and will be the best possible fit for your case

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