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Affidavit Form

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Purpose of this form
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  • The affidavit form a formal sworn statement of fact, signed by the declarant and witnessed by a taker of oaths, such as a notary public

  • One use of an affidavit is to allow evidence to be gathered from witnesses or participants that may not be available to testify in person before the court

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There are countless uses for this legal affidavit form template. In general, an affidavit can be used as to support evidence in court after it has been notarized.  Different types and examples of affidavits include affidavit of common law marriage, affidavit of citizenship and immigration, affidavit of name change and identity, affidavit of small estate heirship, affidavit of military service, affidavit of forgery fraud and financial loss, affidavit of parental consent, affidavit of paternity, affidavit of death of joint tenant, affidavit of residence and affidavit of single status.  It is not an easy task to write an affidavit letter.  Writing an affidavit requires a specific legal format and content.  This form is available for all states including California, Texas, Illinois, Florida and New York.

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