Bar Fights Laws

One of the unfortunate side effects of alcohol is that alcohol cause some individuals to act excessively violent. Sometimes, these violent eruptions result in bar fight. If you were injured in a bar fight, you might be incapacitated. You might also be wondering various questions including who will cover the cost of medical bills and compensate you for lost wage. Various research has recently been conducted to provide a better idea about how bar fights occur. This article will explain how to proceed in case you were injured during a bar fight.

Who Is The Responsible Party?

It is crucial to remember that there does not have to be physical contact for assault to occur under California law. An aggressor need only to attempt to commit a forceful act upon an individual for an assault charge to occur. So if you were injured or someone attempted to injure you during a bar fight, there are actually two parties that you can pursue legal matters against:

Your Attacker. The person who attacked you will be held liable. You, however, may also choose to pursue legal action against the bar or establishment.

The Bar. Many bar fight cases include a claim against the bar or establishment for damages that resulted from the fight. The only time when the bar cannot be held liable is when both of the parties involved in the incident mutually agreed upon the fight.