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Deed of Trust Form

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Purpose of this form
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  • The Deed of Trust form is the security for payment of the loan and creates a lien on the property when recorded with the county. The lender is the deed's beneficiary and through it is given the right to take the property and sell it for the value of the loan if payments are not timely. As long as the note payments are made as they become due, the borrower retains possession of the property and legal title to it.

  • The Deed of Trust form is an Instrument used in many states in place of a mortgage. Property is transferred to a trustee by the borrower (trustor) in favor of the lender (beneficiary), and re-conveyed upon payment in full

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The deed of trust form can be used for investment, lending, assignment of rent, leasehold and property transfer.  Apart from investing, the deed of trust form can also be used in a situation involving a sale and a buyer. Its use is common in major US cities such as Los Angeles and San Diego.  A sample secured deed of trust form, whether first or second,  must have a recorded signature of the parties involved to undergo an all inclusive modification.  This legal deed of trust form is available for all states including California, Texas, Dakota, Nevada and Missouri.  See also release agreements. 

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