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Disciplinary Letter

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Purpose of this form
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  • This disciplinary letter informs an employee of the problem and its seriousness

  • This disciplinary letter describes corrective action to be taken by company and employee

  • This disciplinary notice serves as a deterrent to the employee

  • This disciplinary action form maintains a record which might be needed by the company for further disciplinary action

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1. Warning for Unsatisfactory Performance
2. Notice of Termination
3. Notice of Dismissal

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The disciplinary action form used as a procedure to correct an employee's professional conduct in the workplace.  A sample disciplinary policy requires the use of disciplinary letter which precedes the disciplinary action.  Many companies have a business disciplinary program and use the disciplinary form system as a measure of keeping employees in check.  These disciplinary letter forms are common in many states including Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Illinois and Texas.  It is much like a disciplinary school which sometimes requires registration. Usually a committee evaluates the employee in order to determine the conduct and corrective action.

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