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Dismissal Notice

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Purpose of this form
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  • The dismissal notice informs an employee of termination of his/her employment

  • The dismissal letter describes the reasons for the dismissal

  • The dismissal notice informs employees of what they're is entitled to in terms of compensation

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1. Warning for Unsatisfactory Performance
2. Notice of Termination
3. Disciplinary Notice

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The dismissal letter is a standard professional and formal procedure of dismissing an employee without prejudice.  The dismissal notice helps avoid complications such as a wrongful, unjust and unfair dismissal claims.  A sample constructive dismissal notice explains the reasons and causes for the dismissal judgment.  Attorneys and lawyers charge a fortune to prepare a legal dismissal letter.  While orders of employee dismissal are rarely contested, this dismissal letter has been prepared to protect the rights of the employer. 

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