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  Lease Agreements & Lease Notices

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  Lease Agreements

Residential Lease Agreements (house, condo, apartment, basement etc.)
Residential Lease Agreement
Residential Lease Agreement Extension
Sublease Agreement

Commercial Lease Agreements (office, store, building, other commercial space)

Commercial Lease Agreement
Commercial Lease Agreement Extension

Equipment Lease Agreements

Equipment Lease Agreement
Lease Notices

Landlord Eviction Notice

Eviction Notice for Non-Payment
Home Inspection Checklist
Residential Rental Application
Lease Guaranty


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"I needed a rental residential lease agreement quickly to rent out my basement. I looked on the internet and couldn't find anything good until stumbled on your website.  I got the residential lease agreement form and rented out the property. I couldn't have gotten the rental lease agreement faster anywhere else."

Samuel Britt, Gainesville, FL

"As a landlord, I need to communicate in a professional and legal manner with my tenants.  LegalMessenger provided me with the tools I need to conduct this communication. In one package I got all the residential lease agreement and commercial lease agreement forms as well as the eviction notice documents all for an incredible price. thank you for this website."

Jodi Macnamara, Akron, PA


The online selection includes real estate property residential lease agreement forms that are easily downloadable and printable. These include sample templates for property such as an apartment, house and land.  Other standard master lease agreements include commercial lease agreement, lease to purchase option agreement, business lease agreement, termination agreement, breaking lease agreement, auto lease agreement example: car, vehicle, truck and automobile.  Available also are generic rental agreements which include include month to month room rental lease agreements for roommates, home lease agreement and landlord and tenants lease agreements and eviction notice forms. Lease notices include notice of lease violation, 30 day  lease notice, notice to terminate lease and lease non renewal notice.

These landlord lease agreement forms are available for all states including Texas, Florida, California and Georgi
a. download your copy now.

The lease agreements are available for all 50 states

Alabama AL Illinois IL Montana MT Rhode Island RI
Alaska AK Indiana IN Nebraska NE South Carolina SC
Arizona AZ Iowa IA Nevada NV South Dakota SD
Arkansas AR Kansas KS New Hampshire NH Tennessee TN
California CA Kentucky  KY New Jersey NJ Texas TX
Colorado CO Louisiana LA New Mexico NM Utah UT
Connecticut CT Maine ME New York NY Vermont VT
Delaware DE Maryland MD North Carolina NC Virginia VA
Florida FL Massachusetts MA North Dakota ND Washington WA
Georgia GA Michigan MI Ohio OH West Virginia WV
Hawaii HI Minnesota MN Oklahoma OK Wisconsin WI
Idaho ID Mississippi MS Oregon OR Wyoming WY
  Missouri MO Pennsylvania PA  





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