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Temporary Guardianship Authorization

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Purpose of this form
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  • This temporary guardianship authorization form is a document by which a minor's parent or guardian provides a chosen individual with temporary legal guardianship to make health, educational, recreational and other decisions relating to the child

  • The temporary guardianship form is used when minor is traveling with his/her guardian

  • The temporary guardianship authorization is used when minor is living away from home

  • The temporary guardianship authorization form protects the minor by appointing a legal guardian to care for him/her

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1. Authorization for Minor's medical Treatment
2. Authorization for Travel with Minor

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The letter of temporary guardianship authorization form provides an adult with the legal authorization and right to take care of a child or elderly under guardianship law with a specific date of termination.  A petition for temporary guardianship authorization requires these sample temporary guardianship papers but a lawyer will charge an arm and a leg for them.  Different types of temporary guardianship include limited and permanent guardianship with transfer clauses. People sometimes enroll in a class as part of a program provided by the national public guardianship services office to obtain the training and information need.  Temporary guardianship form documents are available for all states including Florida, Michigan, Texas, Indiana,  California, Illinois, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Washington, Ohio, Colorado, Arizona and Kansas. Also see power of attorney and affidavit for guardianship forms.

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